Jasmine Greene


What A Levels did you study?

I studied English, Media, Biology and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

What did you like about your chosen subjects?

I liked the varied aspects of English, as we studies a novel and a Shakespeare play. The varied aspects kept me intrigued and helped broaden my knowledge on a much wider range of literary text.

I didn’t pick up Media until quite late in year 12 because I initially took Biology, Chemistry and English. I found I didn’t get on with Chemistry very well, but I continued it through. I soon went back and spoke to staff and said that I would like to have the opportunity to do Media and the teachers were incredibly supportive, as was Gemma (Head of 6th Form College). The staff put in so much time and effort to teach me on top of what they were already teaching, I was able to do the course outside of lessons. I can’t thank them enough for doing that. I continued Media through to the second year and without their support I wouldn’t have been able to do it at all. It was definitely my favourite subject and I just have such an interest in media theory. I love it.

What did you enjoy about Biology?

I liked learning about the fundamentals of life and how everything comes together. I think It’s very interesting to know how your body works, in a strange way, it’s quite eye opening.  It was challenging, but I enjoyed it.

You were involved in a Penybont 6th Form College Governor meeting, were you interested in being able to voice your opinions on behalf of your peers?

Yes, I was head girl, student governor and member of the school council, so I took as many opportunities as I could to be able to put my opinion forward. It was great to be able to take the opinions of the other pupils and correlate them before feeding them back. I really enjoyed doing the extra curricular activities, I think it was very beneficial to my methods of public speaking and it helped when talking in front of intimidating audiences.

You mentioned that you were a Welsh representative on the Edelman Trust Barometer panel in London?

Yes, I had an opportunity to be the Welsh representative on the Edelman Trust Barometer panel in London. Myself, my friend and Gemma, head of 6th, went to London for 2 days. I had to prep and meet other people from all over the UK to debate about topical issues for our age category. On this panel was Ed Balls (ex politician), chaired by Gemma Carney (Radio 1 presenter) and Ed Williams (CEO of Edelman). I found meeting Ed very eye opening, it was an absolutely incredible experience and at that moment I realised media was definitely the industry I wanted to go into. Without the collaboration between Bridgend College and Penybont 6th Form College, I would never have had that experience. I am very grateful for the collaboration.

Shannon Price


What A Levels did you study?

Maths, Chemistry, Biology and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Tell us about Gemma (Head of 6th Form College) and how she helped you with your studies

Gemma suggested the Gap Medic course which I had to work 3 jobs to pay for. I travelled out to the Dominican Republic with Gap Medics. For two weeks I shadowed doctors in third world hospitals, it was very shocking but an amazing experience to witness how they push beyond the poverty barrier. In my first week, I shadowed a doctor in the emergency department where we saw so many different cases. I was able to be part of many births in the obstetrics and gynaecology departments. But it wasn’t just a medical experience, the country had experienced a hurricane so we went out to help rebuild the houses over there. We also went on trips out to Saona Island where we got to snorkel and see starfish. We also went horseback riding in Bayahibe Bay.


Do you think your experience in Gap Medics helped you in your learning development?

It’s so hard to get medical work experience and it is vital when applying to medical school. So it definitely helped to enhance my personal statement. I could refer to so much of my experience and it was a major talking point for my interviews.

What other experiences did you have whilst studying at Penybont 6th Form College?

Gemma (Head of 6th Form College) also put me forward to shadow doctors and nurses at the Glamorgan Hospital for a week. I got to watch two surgeries which were amazing and Gemma also put me forward for a GP experience in Cardiff. With all this experience, I definitely wanted to go into medicine.

What are you doing now?

I received an A* and 3 A’s in my A Levels and I’ve over the moon to be studying medicine at Cardiff University.

Lillie Mai Jones


What A Levels did you study?

Maths, Dance, History and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Was the Dance course held at Bridgend College?

Yes. The theory was in the school and practical sessions with Luke in the College.

Describe your experience at Bridgend College Campus

It was a different experience; they’ve got great facilities and a wide range of dance studios we could choose from. The quality of the drama studios was amazing. Our tutor Luke had so many contacts which meant we get to meet a lot of people working within the industry.

Tell us about the trip you went on.

We went to the P.A.R.A.D.E in the Wales Millennium Centre, which was completely different to anything we’ve ever seen before. It was amazing. It was nice that we got to experience different inspiring dance pieces.

Did you perform in any shows?

Yes, we had a showcase where Luke wanted us to do a mixture of solo pieces, group pieces and duets.

Did you like studying in Penybont 6th Form?

Yes, it was really friendly and everyone came together, it was a very positive atmosphere.

What would you say to anyone thinking about applying for the Dance course?

Just go for it. I think you’ll enjoy the course, I absolutely loved it.

Jack Hall


What A Levels did you study?

Media, Law, Travel and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

What did you enjoy about your courses?

My courses were mainly computer-based or discussion-based. So I enjoyed not having to write essays as it’s not one of my strong points.

What did you do that you particularly enjoyed?

We had to create a short music video for media. This was a lot of fun and also helped us to develop our editing skills. 

What did you enjoy about Penybont 6th Form College?

It’s a friendly 6th Form. Law was introduced into Penybont 6th Form College which was really exciting. The classes with Sara, who is a tutor at Bridgend College, were brilliant and engaging. 

Did you take part in any extra opportunities?

We went on a creative media trip to City Hall in Cardiff, where we went to speak to lots of different companies like ITV and the BBC about work experience and how you can get into that industry.

Do you feel you were supported at Penybont 6th Form College?

Yes, Gemma (Head of 6th Form College) was constantly giving us a lot of support and offered us different ways to improve ourselves.

Josh East


What A Levels did you study?

English, Media Studies, Drama and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Tell us about your Drama course

Drama is a subject that has particularly helped me because of the ‘pupil teaching pupil’ scheme. So in my free periods, I helped support teaching and taught some lessons. This experience has really stood out to me, especially for when I went to University for my interviews. It really opened up my eyes to the teaching profession and how challenging but rewarding it can be. 

What about your other subjects?

In English we covered Shakespeare, so we got to perform a play and read novels as well.

In Media Studies we had so many opportunities to take trips, such as the creative industry days held at Bridgend College. We also went on a two day trip to Cardiff and Vale College Media and Business entrepreneurship event which was really good. They’re all such interesting subjects, you couldn’t get bored as you were constantly doing something challenging and it was different every day.

Did you get more opportunities with the partnership between Penybont 6th Form College and Bridgend College?

Yes, especially with Media Studies as we got to go to Queens Road Campus to use the Mac suites. For pupils thinking of coming to the 6th Form College to study Media, we had use of the school and Bridgend College’s facilities. 

Did you feel supported as a pupil?

Yes, I think the Staff and Gemma (Head of 6th Form College) were really supportive throughout the 2 years in 6th form, particularly getting ready for University and helping with our UCAS applications. Also, when we first started the transition from GCSE to 6th Form I was really supported. We had sessions where we could drop in and talk about our worries which was extremely helpful.

Cerys Johnson


What A Levels are you studying?

Dance, Drama, Media and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Is there anything in particular you’ve enjoyed about studying your A Levels?

My favourite A Levels are definitely Dance and Media. Dance is a collaborative subject with Bridgend College. I really enjoy the change of scenery and it is a great opportunity that other 6th Forms don’t offer. 

What do you enjoy about your chosen subjects?

I think they push my strengths as I am a creative person rather than someone who likes writing essays all of the time.

What do you like about the partnership with Bridgend College?

They have more facilities. We went to watch a panto rehearsal which was so different to what we would do here.

How do you feel about the support you get from the 6th Form?

Within Penybont Sixth Form, I’m surrounded with such a warm and welcoming environment. I’m continuously supported by the encouraging staff throughout the school, who ensure I’m on track and achieving in all subject fields. The assistance I received during examination periods is definitely what motivated me to achieve my highest potential. I couldn’t imagine being a part of any other school family.

Have you had any extra opportunities?

We are involved with the school show, drama committee and our very own dance squad. We also have Prefects and School Councils for anyone to join. We also do a lot of fundraising in the 6th Form and throw pizza parties, which everyone in the 6th Form gets involved in, everyone comes together and socialises which is nice. We are quite a small 6th Form, so we have quite a community feel.

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