Law affects our everyday lives in more ways than many of us are aware. As such, it is a fascinating subject with something new to learn every day.

Studying Law will give you the opportunity to explore many interesting and challenging topics.

This course encourages you to develop an interest and understanding of the current legal system in Wales and England

Areas of study in year one include:

  • Law making
  • The criminal and civil process
  • Legal personnel
  • An introduction to the law of tort

Areas of study in year two include:

  • Criminal law
  • Human Rights Law

Throughout both AS and A2 level, you will develop legal skills such as applying the law, formulating a legal argument, analysing a factual scenario and evaluating the law. On this course you will develop strong problem solving and analytical and evaluative written skills which support a number of other studies including English and History.

Studying A-level Law enables you to develop outstanding oral and written communication skills, vital to all future careers.